Teachers of beginning readers—eager to help their students develop phonemic awareness and beginning reading skills —quickly discover that effective instructional materials are sadly lacking.

        Parents and teachers of young children have been neglected by writers and publishers.  There are hundreds of beautifully written and illustrated books to read to children, but few that the children can read themselves— and fewer, yet, that teach teachers how to teach.

        Start Reading—an exciting series to develop children's abilities to read, spell, and write—is the best way to begin instruction.  Its field testing and use in public and private schools and in homes during the last few years have demonstrated its remarkable success in effective teaching-learning methodology.

        The sequential introduction of phonic skills, new vocabulary, spelling, writing, and comprehension skills insures mastery by every learner.

        The multimedia storybooks on CD-ROM are enjoyed by the children.

        Since the 15 workbooks can be purchased with either a CD-ROM of storybooks or the printed storybooks, teachers are thrilled that there is no preparation of materials necessary for effective instruction.

        Dr. Ethna R. Reid, one of the co-authors of Start Reading, founder and director of the Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction, and widely-acclaimed in the field of reading, has observed Start Reading's use in homes and in preschools and kindergartens in schools in Texas, Nebraska, and in Salt Lake City.  She is convinced:

        “We at Reid School believe there is no better way to begin children reading than with Start Reading.  We have utmost confidence in it because we've seen it used with many children during the last four years.  Not only has it taught the children to read the stories in the storybooks, but it has taught them to read other books because of its excellent skills introduction.

        One of our kindergarten students who has been in school only one month but was instructed with the Start Reading series loves to read.  He is able to read first and second grade materials of various basic reading series.

        The exciting aspect of Start Reading is that it helps every teacher to become an effective teacher.”

        Start Reading consists of 15 storybooks on CD-ROM or in print, 15 printed workbooks, and an instructor's manual.

        Children use the CD or 15 storybooks and the 15 workbooks as they learn to read.  The teacher needs the instructor’s manual.

        After each workbook is successfully completed by the child, and all of the letter names, handwriting, sounds and words have been taught, the child is tested for mastery.  A mastery test is found at the end of each workbook.  Flash cards are also in each workbook.

        The children are now able to read along in the first storybook in the CD or print version.  As they read, they follow a story that is beautifully illustrated, animated, and narrated.  Children and adults enjoy the pictures.  The narrator (CD) or teacher (printed version) asks questions that are provided  after the story is read to test the children's comprehension or understanding of the story.

        Each succeeding workbook and storybook teaches thoroughly the new skills and reviews those previously taught.  Each workbook tests for mastery before children move on.

        It is rewarding to see students gain confidence in themselves as they learn to read, write, and spell.

        Research demonstrates dramatically the importance of teaching language arts skills to young children.

        Children become enthusiastic learners when they know what to do and how to do it. Start Reading has been proven to be successful in teaching beginning readers.

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