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Great Basin Educational Services Corporation (GBESCO) offers the most choices for school notebooks, writing paper, and chart paper.  Selling Kindergarten through 12th grade student notebooks and paper for over 30 years.  Factory-Direct.  You don’t pay retail.

Students who are taught to write legibly have an advantage in daily writing, on standardized tests, and in life.  Legible handwriting is an important skill—far too important to be left to chance.  Every district, school, and classroom should select (1) the correct, recommended lines for manuscript and cursive handwriting, (2) the appropriate line spacing, and (3) the notebook size for convenience on a student’s desk.  All children deserve the benefits that legible handwriting can confer.

“Handwriting is important because research shows that when children are taught how to do it, they are also being taught how to learn and how to express themselves.  A new study to be released this month by Vanderbilt University professor Steve Graham finds that a majority of primary-school teachers believe that students with fluent handwriting produced written assignments that were superior in quantity and quality and resulted in higher grades – aside from being easier to read.  The College Board recognized this in 2005 when it added a handwritten essay to the SAT – an effort to reverse the de-emphasis on handwriting and composition that may be adversely affecting children’s learning all the way through high school and beyond” (Newsweek 2007).

GBESCO offers the most choices of line spacings and notebook sizes in USA.  Below is a sample of the most popular sizes and line styles.  Please see our catalog for full list of choices.

Manuscript Notebook Early Cursive Notebook Late Cursive Notebook Storybook Manuscript Notebook
7" x 8.5"
Early Cursive
7" x 8.5"
Late Cursive
7" x 8.5"
Storybook Manuscript
11" x 8.5"